Here is a sample of the unsolicited compliments we receive from our customers:  
 "I really like your shirts. In the past 10 years of flying they are the best ones I have found. Keep up the great work!!"  (Paul T.) 
 "I appreciate your sincere customer service and never expected that you would solve my 'problem' so easily! "  (Salli L.) 
 "You all are awesome... Thank you for your incredibly efficient service. I like the shirts very much. I will definitely continue to order from you in the future."  (Jose M..) 
 "Thank you again for everything... you guys are the best!"  (Kristian B.) 
 "You guys are really good. I will let my fellow pilots know...
You are highly organized, know your stuff and take care of your pilots"  (Donald H.) 
 "Thank you very much for your quick attention and help...
Your shirts really do look sharp and feel great!! "  (John D.) 
 "Awesome! You rock! Thanks a bunch!"  (Kellie W.) 
 "Thank you for the quick service & quality product. The product descriptions were good, e-mails were prompt & I am very pleased."  (Scott Y.) 
 "Thank you for the great customer service you all are the best!"  (Randall S.) 
 "Great service, great product, & great price. I'll tell all my buddies about you!"  (Ricky B.) 
 "Thanks so much for the great service I receive each and every time I call. Superb attitude - you have made a life long customer out of me."  (Mike D.) 
 "Good products, great prices, great service."  (Gary A.) 
 "Hot dog, somebody that pays attention. ... Thanks"  (Tom S.) 
 "I LOVE YOUR SHIRTS!!!!!!"  (Dean S.) 
 "Customer service like that is truly rare these days. I will undoubtedly continue to give your company my business, AND I will be sure to tell all my friends..."  (Tom P.) 
 "I have been very pleased with your product and your responsive customer service.  (Joe G.) 
 "It's so very rare I deal with an organization that takes the time to personally confirm an order much less reference ordering history to ensure an accurate order. Thank you again."  (Eric W.) 
 "I have got to tell you, you guys (or ladies) are amazing! ... Not only that, but my husband will not shut up about how much he likes the quality..."  (Mrs. Paul T.) 
 "I will gladly recommend your company to the folks I work with."  (David M.) 
 "Thank you for the Exceptional Customer Service of your Staff! ... I WILL shop with you again (and encourage others to do so)."  (Paul M.) 
 "I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for, in this case it was customer satisfaction and a definite repeat customer."  (Andrew C.) 
 "...and I thank you for such nice service."  (Jacqueline S.) 
 "Several fellow pilots have asked where I got my shirts and I have referred them to you every time. Thank you for making us look like a real professional. By the way, the AM radio guide is great too..." (Tim Z.) 
 "... a pleasure doing business with Pilot House."  (Tom K.) 
 "That is the kind of customer care that not only will keep me as a customer, but also highly recommend your company to other pilots."  (Patrick W.) 
 "My husband... all he could say is, 'I'm impressed!' ... You don't find service like that anymore!"  (Cindy S.) 
 "Both orders arrived in about two days. I think that is the fastest turnaround from order to delivery I have seen on anything that did not have an overnight delivery charge..."  (Joe P.) 
 "Thank you. It is a pleasure to run into a company that treats the customer nicely."  (Jack M.) 
 "I would like to sincerely thank your organization for the exceptional service that I received with my first order. I will never order supplies from anywhere else and I will be sure to continue spreading your excellent reputation.  (Marcus M.) 
 "...your business serves me well. I tell all the line pilots I fly with about your quality products and exceptional service."  (Adam L.) 
 "Your timely responses are a credit to customer service..."  (Jon A.) 
 "Your website was fast, secure, easy to use, and the representative that called me was professional, concise and extremely helpful. I'd like to say thanks for taking the time to do things right and providing a great product backed by service that is hard to come by"  (Kevin L.) 
 "Thank you so much. It was a real pleasure doing business with you."  (Ed S.) 
 "Thanks for the great service on nice merchandise!"  (George G.) 
 "I love it. Thanks for making a great Pilot shirt. I'm recommending your shirts to my fellow pilots..."  (Shon T.) 
 "...and they fit just great. The best ever!"  (Peter R.) 
 "Thanks so much for the great service I receive each and every time I call. Superb attitude - you have made a life long customer out of me."  (Mike D.) 
 "What great service... thanx for being so responsive and customer-oriented!"  (John W.) 
 "Thanks for the good service."  (Walt P.) 
 "Thanks for all your help, good customer service is very rare but is very important to the people I work with; I will post your business info on our bulletin board ASAP!"  (Tom C.) 
 "Price + Quality + Service = A Very Satisfied Customer!"  (Marilyn K.) 
 "You guys are amazing... "  (Martha B.) 
 "Thank you for your excellent response time & great customer service; you have a customer for life!"  (Jeff T.) 
 "Shirts look great, and I had them early this a.m."  (Joe T.) 
 "You don’t know how refreshing it is to deal with a company, and an individual such as yourself that is so committed to customer service. You have a customer for life!"  (Mark H.)